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The 1924 Eagle in Wreath issue, part 1

After regaining independence in 1918, the territory of the Second Republic of Poland initially consisted of four currencies: the German mark, the Austrian crown, the tsarist rouble and the Polish mark. In January 1920, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland established the Polish Mark as the only currency of the Polish state. The Polish mark (MKP) was a monetary unit in force since 9 December 1916 in the areas of the Kingdom of Poland occupied by the German Empire.

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The Gallery of Polish Philatelic Jewels – call for participation

The 100th anniversary of regaining Polish Independence is an excellent opportunity to create the Gallery of Polish Philatelic Jewels, which would cover the period slightly longer than last two centuries and particularly the first period of experiencing freedom from partition.

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Stamps printed on joint rolls of paper

An interesting way to enrich your specialized stamp collection is stamps printed on a joint paper. Technological process of printing stamps using rotary printing press requires that the longest possible continuity of printing be kept. Stopping stamp printing machine in order to insert a new roll of paper is a lengthy process and requires manual reset of printing parameters. Thus, while printing stamps in spiral machines, rolls of paper are glued together.


The spoilage stamps from the commemorative issue ”The 20th anniversary of the nationalization of the Polish industry and the 35th Poznan International Fair” printed in 1966

Spoilage stamps may be an interesting addition to a specialized collection of Polish post stamps. There are controversies surrounding the origin of some of these stamps; it is unknown how some of them ended up on the market.


Albino error on 60 groszy stamp for Polish People’s Army 15th anniversary

Commemorative stamp series marking 15th anniversary of Polish People’s Army was issued and introduced on 1st October 1958 by the Ministry of Communication (Dz.Ł. nr 22/1958, 126, poz. 165).  Stamps were printed in PWPW by rotogravure technique on white woodless thick and smooth paper as well as on white thick, slightly horizontally striped paper. Stamps were printed in 70-stamp sheets, 10 x 7 items.  


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